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National Clean Off Your Desk Day Passes Without Incident

Happy holiday, everyone. Yesterday was the second Monday in January, or National Clean Off Your Desk Day

You may recall that on just such a wintery day in 2009, a certain blogger failed to clean off his desk.  Instead, he wrote a blistering blogpost, and washed down his bile with a beer.  That post  declared the following day, January 13, the International Day to Bite Me. A day to tell those busybodies and fusspots where they can stick their manilla folders and pencil sharpeners.

IDTBM to the heavensIDTBM beats the NCOYDD hands down.  Not just because the purpose is noble, but also because it dispenses with that stupid business of landing on a different date every year.   Oh, you ever-so-organised people who must have the damn thing on a Monday every year because that's all neat and orderly, as opposed to being easy to remember!  We who follow the IDTBM philosophy like to remember stuff.  That's why we don't need to be neat and orderly.  Our minds are big enough to know where all our shit is.  Take that.  Now go and put all your pencils in a coffee mug or something. 

In my humble opinion, the Personal Organising community has been dispensing some odd, if not silly, advice.  For example, hint #3 on how to keep your desk tidy in this HuffPo piece is "Keep Everything at Your Fingertips".   No, really.   And, of course, any place where you work hard, collaborate or have fun can harbour germs.  An unmanaged desk will kill you!

This year, we see a beautiful co-incidence.  National Clean Off Your Desk Day occurred on January 9, two days after I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Any More Day on January 7.  No, really.  Click this link if you don't believe me. And this one.  And this one, too, since it has some cool videos.

I regard Mad as Hell Day, occuring less than a week before, as a nice warm-up for the International Day to Bite Me.  But alas, like so many holidays, Mad as Hell Day went commercial.  Zany Holidays wants to sell you a stress ball.  The Giftypedia website also suggests a stress ball, or perhaps a nice long vacation

Bugger that.  Do not look inward for a solution.  You don't need to buy some bauble to comfort you when the problem rests with others  Just sharpen your tongue.  It's cheaper.

And when you do, tell us about it on the IDTBM home page. Or the IDTBM facebook event page.   Or tweet about it with the tag #bitemeday. 

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