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Youth of Germany, Try Harder This Year

Cheer, Sincere.

NeilconcertposterY'know, these newfangled social media ain't so different from good-old-fashioned social life. Especially at this time of year.

Some parties, you have to attend, out of obligation.  Some parties, you really want to attend.  The people are  genuine, warm and mean it when they wish you happiness, merriment or peace. 

Yes, social media let you dispense with the obligatory good wishes easily and quickly.   But they really shine at keeping you in touch with the people you care about. 

Cyber-pal Neil Kramer,  has forged an open, friendly community of generous souls with his long-running blog Citizen of the MonthEvery December, his online version of a seasonal shindig is the tongue-twistingly PC Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert. 

All his online friends get together and do what they would do, were they a 3D community.  They sing songs, share laughs, wish each other well, and enjoy a drink or two.  Judging by some of the singing, they probably enjoyed more than two. 

The singing consists of YouTube videos, which Neil posts at the appropriate time. (This year, he did it wirelessly aboard a plane form New York to Los Angeles.) Those, like me, who choose not to sing for reasons of modesty, can submit a picture.

You recall that I said social media may be used to share happy, memorable, sincere good wishes, or you can use it as a cheap way of going through the motions?  Guess which of the following videos came from Neil's concert, and which not. 


Readers will note that public comments on the second video were disabled on upload.

With that small tale, please accept sincere good wishes for a great holiday weekend from Master Right and me, and for a fantastic, Deutschmark-denominated 2012. 

The chap below is my contribution to this year's Christmahanukwanzaakah celebration on Neil's blog; we snapped him in the Austrian ski-and-spa town of Bad Gastein on Boxing Day, 2010.    I love it when a, twig, gets naked without you having to ask.   I'm sure he wishes you a ho or three. 

Bad Gastein Woody Twink

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