Photo Friday: Slick
Photo Friday: One

Memory Attack

Sitting at Starbucks in the Odeonsplatz.  The music is entirely sourced from my parent's record collection, it seems.  Including, to my surprise, this. 


It is not, to put it mildly, easy listening.   But I smiled.

Fuck.  I'm becoming my parents.

EDIT: And while we're on he subject of mid-century American humor, how about a classic pie fight? (Hat tip to Chexydecimal).  In my house, teh Three Stooges were banned, for being too violent.  If this is violence, then I should expect to be mugged by a guy armed with a lemon meringue.


FURTHER EDIT:  I'm here a few weeks later, and my Starbucks has fast-forwarded. Minnie Ripperton and the Doobie Brothers.  Memories of my youth.  Where I really tried to be my parents. What a Fool Believes, indeed.

EVEN FURTHER EDIT: Today, it's Isaac Hayes with the theme from Shaft.   A mid-week pick-me-up.  Better than caffeine.

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