Number 49

Ordnung ist das halbe Leben

IPhone 123
Only cross with the green light.  Set an example to the children.

IPhone 085
We allow careful self-service

IPhone 112
ATTENTION: Only PARK within the dotted lines. Report to the office.

IPhone 094
Please pay the parking fee directly before your exit!  You are granted 15 minutes abstention after the payment sequence before your mandate expires.  For technical reasons, after the discharge of this fifteen minute abstention, a new parking event begins with a renewed apportionment of the minimum charge. Please conduct supplementary payments at the automatic payment machines.

IPhone 103
At the cashier, please re-count your retrieved money immediately!

Later claims can not be made restrospectively!

IPhone 106
Please request a receipt!  Issuance of receipts after the fact is not possible.
(And besides, we're closed.)

IPhone 084
To trespass on this
(securely fenced and diligently patrolled) building site is FORBIDDEN!!!

IPhone 132

IPhone 119
Please sort the empty bottles in an orderly fashion!!

IPhone 116

IPhone 135

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