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I Like Selbstgemacht


Kid: "In America our fridges are way bigger. Our steaks too. And you can buy potato salad ready-made". American Dad: "WOW.  We can't buy anything so delicious!"  German hostess: "Not here, either. It's home made."  American Dad: "I like home-hade!"  Announcer: "Season it with a little Whip"

Cultural decode:

  • Americans are addicted to convenience food and have forgotten how to cook
  • Americans talk too much about America when abroad
  • Americans are cowboys who play baseball.
  • Many Americans speak heavily accented, but grammatically-correct, German.
  • Germans are more tasteful, dignified and restrained, and have a quiet, generous tolerance of others when they say something foolish.

Fair and accurate?  Deplorable stereotyping?  Go wild in the comments.

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