This Wedding Needs More Sex
What idiot declared war on Christmas?

Grinch Relents

My personal feelings toward Christmas can be summed up in two words: bah and humbug.  But sometimes, even the biggest pshaw has to catch the spirit.  Blogging pal Neil Kramer is hosting his annual multi-belief holiday concert at Citizen of the Month.  He asks readers to record a short video in which they sing their favourite holiday song, or post a picture or two from whichever religious tradition tradition takes their fancy.  My personal religious tradition this year is Heterosexual Soft Core Erotica.  Happy holidays, and remember to be naughty!


Tokyu Hands, Shinjuku, 2003


Nymphenberg Porcelain, Odeonsplatz, 2008


The Beef Market, Munich, 2010

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