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I am my own best friend, along with 116 others.

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OK, I gave in.  Everyone asks are you on Facebook?  So I got on Facebook.  

Damn, it's frightening.  Several people had my email address plugged in, just waiting for me to appear.  It's astonishing how many people Facebook hooked me up with, and how quickly.  I hadn't heard the scary story about Facebook's connections with the CIA until too late.   Oh, well.   

One of the most interesting people I ran into was myself.  As I have blogged before, I sport an unusual combination of given-name and surname, and finding another me piqued my curiosity.   So, I befriended myself.

It turns out I am a college student in Slovakia who loves ice hockey (When I ran into myself online before, I got the impression I played football).   I have a hot girlfriend, whom I probably neglect, given how many pictures I post of me hanging out with the boys.  Quite a few show me clutching an almost-empty vodka bottle. 

I am a Default Don in the Facebook Mafia Wars application.

I am inordinately fond of online quizzes.  The Facebook Mediaeval Humours Quiz labelled Me Jr. as sanguine; that is, easy-going, life-of-the-party, few hangups.  When Me Sr. took the quiz, I turned out to be melancholy.  The Facebook What Car Are You Quiz picked Me Jr.  as a BMW, but Me Sr. as a Lamborghini Diablo.

What car are you 

I wonder if I have much in common with myself.   If I'm reading this, feel free to drop me a line.

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