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A little something to cheer Arizaphale up

Lehrer pigeons Here's something for a math teacher (or if you speak British English, as she does, a maths teacher) who is a Tom Lehrer fan. An irresisitable homage.

Who's Tom Lehrer?  Well, he was a math teacher, actually.  Fitting, since the name Lehrer, in German, actually means "teacher". 

He earned his math degree from Harvard at the age of 18 and enlisted in the US Army, where he worked on top secret projects at Los Alamos.  Lehrer claims to have invented the jelly shot to get around the liquor restrictions on base.

He lost interest in satire, it is rumoured, after Kissenger won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.  Hat tip to Gus van Horn for this one.

I never realised that, in his youth, Lehrer was quite a hot guy.  There's something about that dimple in the chin.