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Photo Friday: Weathered

The Sacred and the Profane are neighbours.

Where is he gay today? Blackfriars, London

The young Victoria, outside St. Paul's.

Business tends to keep me on the western side of London whenever I visit. So does pleasure, what with the gay bit in Soho, next to the theatre bit in the West End.

This time, though, Master Right and I hopped the Tube to Blackfriars, on the fringe of the City, to London's east. Highly recommended.

First, the Gothic Revival grandeur of St. Paul's. They don't allow you to take pics inside, but trust me, the building is breathtaking. Cool crypt, too. Makes Westminster Abbey look mediaeval.

Modern art is supposed to shock and confront, and the Tate Modern is a shocking, confronting building in which to house one of the world's great collections of it.

The TM has curated its collection of masterpieces (i.e. stuff I've seen in books) so that it actually makes sense. And stuck the explanation on the wall in case you lose track.

Highly cool. Highly recommended.

The Blackfriars pub makes a great place for a pint on the way home, as well. The beer's too warm, but hey, what can you do? It's England.

A disquieting scene in the Tate Modern Turbine Room.
Louise Bourgeois named this sculpture Mother. She must have met mine.


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