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One man's belief.

Oberammergau, August 2007

Father Geoff Farrow is a Catholic priest in Fresno, California.   On Sunday, he came out in the pulpit.  He wishes to remain a priest, should his bishop allow it. 

Think about that.  This man, single handedly, is the first to officially acknowledge an incredibly obvious fact.  

The Catholic church is one of the world's largest employers of gay men.  The vast majority of these gay men do an excellent job.  Father Farrow, himself, was sent to Fresno in order to put parish administration and finances in order, which he has done with distinction.   To the best of my knowledge, he has upheld his vows, and remains celibate.  

Should the Catholic Church have a right to fire an excellent employee?

Father Farrow's action goes beyond questions of atheism, secularism and belief.   He has asserted the cause of human dignity.  

Father Farrow has a blog.  An articulate, compassionate, thoughtful blog.  Visit it.  Leave a supportive comment.  Click the "Follow this Blog" button.   

It is a courageous, lonely stand.  He deserves support. 

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