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4 entries from October 2008

Thanks for voting

Thank you, all 14% of you.

On September 28, Bavarians went to the polls. Our state parliament now looks like it will be led by a splendid mix of radical libertarians and conservative Christians.

The right has had its wings clipped, though still maintains a strong base in the heartland. Mainstream voters grew tired of their moral hypocrisy, chumminess with the corporates, arrogance dressed as patriotism, and insanity dressed as rhetoric.

The Conservatives underwrote a high-tech boom in Munich, which made a select few rich. It also priced a lot of middle-class people out of a decent life.

Sound familiar?

I think this is great. Conservatives often talk a good line on personal liberty, but seldom allow it. The new coalition partners could take our Bavarian Tories back to their libertarian roots.
That prospect so frightens them, there is even talk of a coalition of Conservatives and Socialists--as exists on a federal level in Berlin under chancellor Angela Merkel.

The poor Socialists, already a minority, lost ground. But like all parties, the SPD still thanked voters afterward. You can see the polite Danke! in the picture above.

Almost every political poster, no matter what party owns it, now sports a thank you for voting sticker. I would love to see thank you for voting stickers across every McCain/Palin yard-sign in America after November 4. It would teach their political base an overdue lesson in civil discourse.

By the way, the FDP, one of the libertarian parties, enjoys strong GBLT participation and support. Our poor friends from Rosa Liste, though, didn't even register a blip. Schade.

One man's belief.

Oberammergau, August 2007

Father Geoff Farrow is a Catholic priest in Fresno, California.   On Sunday, he came out in the pulpit.  He wishes to remain a priest, should his bishop allow it. 

Think about that.  This man, single handedly, is the first to officially acknowledge an incredibly obvious fact.  

The Catholic church is one of the world's largest employers of gay men.  The vast majority of these gay men do an excellent job.  Father Farrow, himself, was sent to Fresno in order to put parish administration and finances in order, which he has done with distinction.   To the best of my knowledge, he has upheld his vows, and remains celibate.  

Should the Catholic Church have a right to fire an excellent employee?

Father Farrow's action goes beyond questions of atheism, secularism and belief.   He has asserted the cause of human dignity.  

Father Farrow has a blog.  An articulate, compassionate, thoughtful blog.  Visit it.  Leave a supportive comment.  Click the "Follow this Blog" button.   

It is a courageous, lonely stand.  He deserves support.