How did you get here from China?
The Civility of Hope

" Should the Germans become Masters of Europe...

It keeps a man's mind on the job when his mind is on football.

An Alle:

Sollten die Deutschen am Sonntag Europameister werden, verlegen wir den Arbeitsbeginn am Montag, 30. Juni auf 10.00h. Bitte je nach Einsatzgebiet und Arbeitsaufwand mit dem direkten Vorgesetzten absprechen, damit trotz der Freude die Arbeitsabläufe nicht zu stark beeinträchtigt werden.

Viel Spass am Sonntag!

Viele Grüße/ Best regards,

Fritz Fratz

To everyone,

Should the Germans become Masters of Europe on Sunday, let us misplace our starting time on Monday, 30th of June, until 10.00 am.

Please, depending on your workload and area of specialty, and after speaking with your direct manager, make sure that in spite of the joy, it doesn't interfere too strongly with procedures.

Much fun on Sunday!

Many Greetings/Best regards

Ordinary-Joe Baggage

Master Right and I went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant last night, because it was the only public place in Munich that hadn't set up a wide-screen TV with the game. In fact, IT hire firms reported a run on projectors, with many private individuals streaming the game and projecting it on the walls of their party. Honking continued well into the night--check this post from Lucid in Deutschland for a video sample of Soccermania. The Grand Final is Sunday in Vienna. Might be a good weekend to get out of the country. Might be a good weekend to get out of several countries, actually.


11.30 pm Sunday. Strangely quiet. Work starts at 9.00 tomorrow.

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