Sexual Lampoon's Tennessee Vacation, Part Three. Cleanliness, godliness and a raging woody.
The New Year in Japan. Portable good fortune

There's no snob like a Kansai snob

Tokyo goes krazy, rekwiring krowd kontrol.

"Tokyo people! They're helpless when it comes to anything new! Trendy, trendy, trendy, that's all they worry about!"

Master Right and I are walking past Japan's first Krispy Kreme doughnuttery, in manic Shinjuku. You can tell when he's mad; his English goes to hell.

"Senna makes jokes Klispy Kleam! So common! But Tokyo people try anything so they don't miss the latest fad. Horses!"

The Japanese word for stupid refers to being a horse.

"More American headlines about big-in-Japan bullshit! Osaka is sophisticated, not like Tokyo only a city for four-hundred years. Tokyo guys gives Japanese a bad name!"

Is it any wonder I love him?
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