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Gay Litmus


A little gay treat courtesy of YouTube.

I should have been watching this in 1979. Instead, I was busy trying to be straight. I remember thinking that the tune DID sound catchy, though. Maybe it was a clue?

But hey. Back in those days, a young lad could get the wrong impression of gay culture. The Village People were the face of Gay. It wasn't me. Still isn't.

Of course, now we know that gay men come in all shapes, sizes, ages, incomes, trades and branches of military service. I have my fag hags to thank for pointing this out. They are the ones who introduced me to the gay community in all its glorious diversity. And made me feel comfortable there.

So I've reached a point where I can sort-of chuckle at the Village People, Jack, Emmett, Paul Lynde and Edward Everett Horton.

But...I still don't get this whole drag business. Oy, I have only the barest appreciation of beautiful women. Ugly, fake women? Forget it. More on drag later.

("Yes, judge, here's my licence. I've violated the Queer Criminal Code and am no longer a card-carrying homosexual. I will be straight until I show proper remorse.")

Judging by his movements, the leather daddy must be finding it hard to dance in those chaps. And that's a telescope the admiral is carrying; keep it clean.